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EcoSig Bins

EcoSig bins are manufactured in Queensland out of durable 3D printed plastic. Their design draws inspiration from reusable sharps containers as they are fully sealed with a one way input slot, so once a vape goes in, it can’t be taken out. They are modular so when one fills up collection is as easy as swapping the full bin out with a fresh one. 

EcoSig Bin

Getting a bin, the collections and participation overall is 100% free, with the bins being designed to fit easily behind any-bar or on any backroom shelf. They measure 30CM across, 15CM wide and 21CM tall, weigh just over 1KG when empty and can hold between 30 and 40 vapes depending on said vapes size.

EcoSig Bin

To get a bin for your venue or if you have any further questions about their design, the collection schedule or anything else. Please reach out via the contact form or by pressing the participate button below, thank you. 

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