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What is EcoSig?

EcoSig is a recycling initiative based in Queensland, Australia. We are dedicated to recycling single-use e-cigarettes, known by many as vapes. In particular we specialise in recycling and repurposing the lithium-ion batteries, metal, plastic and cotton these devices contain, all of which is given new life and fully diverted from landfill. EcoSig is owned and operated by CasuallyLoaded® and maintains a vape recycling bin network across Southeast Queensland.   


EcoSig was started in late 2022 as a response to the growing popularity of vaping, as according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics in the year 2022 one in five adults aged 18-24 had used an e-cigarette or vaping device at-least once in their life. It has become abundantly clear that moving forward these single-use devices are not going anywhere and although their negative impact upon our health is up for debate, their negative impact on our environment is not. 


We have created and continue to expand our free to participate in vape recycling bin network. We offer free back-of-house vape recycling bins to pubs, clubs and any other venue in need of one. These bins are dedicated to collecting littered, confiscated and handed in vapes to be safely destroyed and subsequently recycled. In essence most clubs, pubs and bars clean up a handful of vapes at the end of every weekend, we aim to provide a place for them to go that isn't general waste. 

If you have any further questions about the initiative or want to get a bin for your venue please reach out via the contact us page, thanks.  

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